Frankly good! This is how we do it.


Piedmont is one of the Italian regions with the oldest tradition of cured meat.

The Franchi family business was founded back in 1924 in Valsesia, Piedmont at the foot of the Monte Rosa Mountain. Secret Franchi family recipes have been handed over generations to preserve the pure and simple taste of our mountain charcuterie.

Today, our cured meats are the result of this ancient knowledge combined with the latest manufacturing technology. We are proud to have nearly 100 years of experience. Do read our story below.


Our Philosophy:

Ingredients are reduced to the minimum to maintain the simplicity of our traditional recipes.

Our Challenge:

We combine the latest production technology while preserving traditional family recipes.

Our Method:

We apply the knowledge acquired since 1924 in producing cured meats.


1) Good – because we take our time and don’t rush.

2) Simple – because we use few ingredients but the right ones.

3) Traditional – because nearly a century of tradition makes the difference.

4) Environmentally friendly – because the environment is home, it is where we live and produce since 1924.

5) Innovative – because this is our DNA.

Our products contain simple very distinct flavors, prepared with expert care, attention to details that make the difference.

We take our time
The diffusion of aromas and salt, the delicate biochemical and enzymatic processes and the development of floramicrobies need time. We take this time therefore our products have a unique flavors.

Less is more
Our cured meats don’t contain allergen (free of gluten and lactose ) and include only few basic ingredients. This is why Franchi charcuterie preserves the pure flavor of our green mountain valley.

Love for our tradition
Franchi products are still made with the same recipes and care of our founding fathers.

Respect for the environment
The preservation and respect for the environment are fundamental to us just as the quality of our products.

Innovation is key
Franchi showed true courage and vision on several occasions.
In fact, Franchi was one of the first companies to launch the “Senz’Altro” gluten free line of sliced products or a new ham cooked together with the bone. A truly innovative choice.


Francesco Franchi SpA was founded in Grignasco, Valsesia , Piedmont by founding father Francesco Franchi.


The company moved to Borgosesia to expand to a larger production plant – a big step.


“Franchino” a small size cooked ham was launched and became a top selling product thanks also to its innovative packaging.


Expansion of the plant with a covered area of over 20,000 m2.


Franchi won the prestigious “Ercole d’oro” award, the “Oscar Cibus” and the “Sial d’Or”.


Franchi launches the “Senz’Altro” line, an innovative line of allergen-free products (free of gluten and lactose).


The company joined the “Consortium for Preservation of Salamini Italiani alla cacciatora IGP”


The first white room for packing of cold cuts was inaugurated.


The second room for cold cuts was completed with a high level of automation.


Rebirth of cooked ham “Il Coscio” (hand tied and cooked without mold) and of the new specialties of salami with Piedmont flavors.

Have a look to the old Carosello