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Our love for tradition leads us to explore the world of Italian cured meats, with a particular focus on our territory of origin, Valsesia and Piedmont. This is how Franca Mocetta della Valsesia and Lardo della Valsesia were born, two unique and exclusive products produced according to an ancient familly recipe with mountain herbs

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La Franca - Beef mocetta from Valsesia region

Lean Beef meat, covered with aromatic herbs and seasoned.

Weight:1,2 kg
Ageing period:1 month

Lardo della Valsesia

Pork lard, salted and covered with aromatic herbs.

Weight:2,5 kg
Ageing period:3 months

Carrè Arrosto della Valsesia

Produced with heavy pork cuts, cooked slowly and seasoned with herbs of our valley. A traditional roast with a delicate flavor.

T.M.C.:90 Day
Weight:2,5 Kg cad.
Imballo:2 pz.