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Respect for the environment

Protection and respect for the environment is a fundamental value for us, as much as the quality of our products.

Our factory is located in Valsesia at the foot of Monte Rosa and in this geographical context, for years now, we have decided to voluntarily implement an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001, which guarantees responsible and sustainable production, aimed at minimizing the impact in the environment.

For us the respect for the environment goes far beyond the simple respect of the rules: it has an etichal priority. In concret terms, it means rationalization of water and electrical consumption, recycling, careful checks on atmospheric emissions and waste water, reduction of acoustic impact.

Our environmental policy focuses on monitoring our environmental performance in order to reduce waste.

For this reason we have undertaken a process of measurement and analysis of the entire energy system, in order to develop an action plan to reduce the energy impact on our final product. Moreover, thanks to our cogeneration plant we are pursuing a proactive path of energy efficiency.

Our continuous improvement program defines targets and indicators to monitor and optimize our environmental performance, following the path of sustainable development.