At Franchi we pay attention to ingredients – no allergens and no sugar added!
Less ingredients - more certainty!

No added sugar

No sugar is added to Franchi’s high quality hams!  Ideal for all gourmets who want to cut out sugar!

No gluten

All our cured meat is gluten free!  Ideal for celiacs and all those who have a gluten intolerance. Authorized by the Italian Celiac Association with ‘Barred Spiga Mark’.

No lactose and milk proteins

All of Franchi’s cured meat is free of lactose and milk proteins. Ideal for all those suffering from allergies and intolerances .


Franchi  does not use OGM or products derived from OGM for any product.

No Glutammate

Franchi does not add glutammate to any of its cooked products. Less ingredients better taste!

No added polyphosphates

Franchi does not add polyphosphates to any of its cooked products for a more natural flavor.


Franchi’s brand for all those who suffer from food allergies , for celiacs and anyone who pays attention to the list of ingredients. Launched already in 1997!

Salame Piemonte IGP

Produced only with meat from Piedmont and according to IGP specifications.

Salame Piemonte IGP

Our specialty from Piedmonte, Italy produced only with the best local meat and according to IGP quality specifications.