Franchi   Today Franchi produces and distributes a wide range of delicatessen products, aiming to the fundamental principle of handing on the original recipes of the Italian delicatessen production by means of vanguard productive system and strict quality controls.
Senz'Altro   All products belonging to SENZ'ALTRO product line are obtained through the exclusive use of the strictly necessary ingredients. SENZ'ALTRO line, as the first in Italy, could apply a crossed ear of wheat: the mark of A.I.C. (Italian Society for the Celiac Disease).
Senz'Altro   Craftmade tradition, right geographic origin, careful selection of meat and ingredients, use of animal guts, handmade binding, a food seasoning and slow steaming make Franchi’s “Salumi del Borgo” something unique, with its characteristic sent of past times and an unmistakable flavours.
De Bosses   In 2001 a factory was opened in the small village of Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses (about twenty kilometers far from Aosta at an altitude of 1600 m.) which made it possible for Franchi group to put in concrete form the project of setting off and spreading unique, valuable products of ancient origin such as: Jambon de Bosses DOP and all the other kinds of salami, typical in the tradition and culture of Valle d'Aosta.

RUSPETTO: Baked turkey breast



Microbiologic checks are performed weekly at our factories on base ingredients and processing lines. Our Borgosesia and San Daniele plants are equipped with a quality control system certified to UNI EN ISO 9001 2000 and international BRC and IFS standards. The Borgosesia factory is located within the Monte Fenera Natural Park and complies with the very restrictive limits set for waste water disposal, river protection and smoke emissions.

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